We are passionate, energetic advocates for the disadvantaged in our community.  


Our Story

The LIME Foundation seeks to harness each individual’s potential by providing vital skills in
music and the performing arts, construction, technology and health.




Our Mission Statement

The mission of The LIME Foundation is to serve the specific needs of the disadvantaged community across all ages and income levels by collaborating with key community leaders.  Those served by The LIME Foundation will learn vital skills to harness individual potential in music, performing arts, construction careers, technology, and health.

The LIME Foundation is the embodiment of my life-long dream to help others succeed. I was bullied as a child and it took its toll on me not only then, but into my adult life. My goal for this foundation is to help those who are down on their luck and need support.
Letitia Hanke

Founder of The LIME Foundation

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The LIME Foundation’s vision can only be achieved with your support.

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“We make a living not by what we get, but we make a life on what we give.”
-Winston Churchill

I enjoy being here, it is fun, and the teachers are not boring. This is my favorite after school activity! Happiness AND education!

I enjoy the program, it makes me think about what I really want to do!

I find everything fantastic so far!

Really interested, can't wait for the demonstrations!

This program gives out good and useful information, and is very interesting!

This program is very fun - the people are fun to work with. It was very generous of you to take time to be with high school kids. I can't wait to see what the program has to offer!

Thanks to our generous sponsors we are able to empower our community


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