Roofing & Construction Vocational Program (NextGen Trades Academy)

Now offered through the NextGen Trades Academy – trains men and women in construction fields like roofing, solar, general contracting and more. The program also offers home repair services, specifically roofing, to the under-served. This allows seniors, veterans, the disabled and low-income families to remain in their own homes, independent and safe.
Brings positive, structured activities to disadvantaged youth, giving them the opportunity to learn technology or play a musical instrument – great alternatives to substance abuse, teen pregnancy, truancy, loneliness, obesity, bullying, exclusion, etc. Most importantly, this initiative uses music and dance as a positive, constructive means of expression. It features an activity center and a summer and after-school mentoring and tutoring program.
Provides a venue for seniors to remain active and make new friends. This program promotes healthy eating, exercise through dance, bowling, hiking and many other activities in order to prevent or reverse heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

2018 Impact brief

Our 2018 Impact Brief has been released and is available to the public. We are proud to share our wonderful program work and its impact on the community. Also included is an overview of what is planned for 2019. Click here to download the PDF.